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About Us
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What we offer 

With an expertise in process design and manufacuturing, we are glad to offer you an one-stop

?  Route selection and optimization
?  Lab synthesis and process development
?  Manufacturing from kilogram to hundreds tons scale
?  Efficient sourcing of raw materials
?  Effective logistics and supply chain
?  Professional project management
?  Process and equipment engineering

Synchem help you to achieve your project goals with the following traits: 

?  Highest quality
?  Delivery in time
?  Environment-friendly operation
?  Competitive price
?  Dedicated and reliable customer service
?  Strong and ongoing partnership



Headquarter Phone:86-552-4929305 Fax:86-552-4928800
Shanghai Phone:86-21-54202320 Fax:86-21-54202321
Iron Oxide Hydrofluoric acid Silicon dioxide

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